Let’s rock out for a good cause! The Corinth Coliseum is proud to bring back Battle of the Bands September 18th. For a one-night engagement, we are bringing together some of the best talent Northeast Mississippi has to offer. Come hear some live music in one of the coolest venues in the state.  All proceeds from the event benefit new programming and the restoration of the historic Coliseum Theatre.



All bands wishing to register for the Battle of the Bands contest must read and accept the

following rules and regulations before completing the registration form.


• All bands must contain a minimum of three (3) members. However, all members must

sign that they have read and understand the registration form. If you have any questions,

please clear them up with the coordinator prior to signing the form.

• Any band member under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the

Participation form that they have read and understand the rules and regulations.

• Bands may bring one technician to assist them with set-up and break-down and that person

must also be listed on the registration form.

• Only band members and the technician listed on the participation form will be admitted on stage.

• All bands agree to have their name, voice, and/or likeness used in any advertising or

broadcasting material relating to this contest without compensation or rights to royalties

for such use

• On the day of performance, band members must be dressed in clothing free from

obscenities. This is a family-oriented event and therefore only activities suitable for

families will be permitted.

• Band name and lyrics of performance songs should not contain any obscenities if possible.

• The entire performance must be violence-free and suitable for families.

• If a band incites moshing or any other sort of violence in the crowd, the band will be

immediately disqualified and the performance will be stopped.

• The use of any illegal substances will not be tolerated. If any band member is suspected

to be under the influence of an illegal substance, the entire band will be disqualified and

the proper authorities will be notified. In addition, if a band member under the age of 21 is suspected of alcohol use, the entire band will be disqualified.

• All band members are required to be present at least 30 minutes prior to performance

time to check in with the coordinator. If all band members are not present and ready to set

up for performance 15 minutes before going on stage, the band will be disqualified.

• All participants are required to be courteous and respectful toward other participating



• All bands must provide their own equipment such as drums, guitars, amps, etc… a sound

system will be provided but equipment will not so please be prepared.

• Band members are responsible for the security of their equipment.

• Each band will be given the opportunity to play 3 songs.

• All songs must be original or cover songs or songs by other artists.

• There will be a strict time limit of 18 minutes for each band on stage. Please plan your

songs accordingly. You may have one long song and one short song but no more than 18

minutes is allowed for the 3 songs.

• Each band will be given 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to break down their

equipment so please keep this in mind when designing your set.

• While one band is playing, the next band may start getting ready to set up in the

background. However, please do not be disruptive so that the band on stage can be the

focus of the judges and the crowd.

• Bands may not use pre-recorded sound material. All bands must play live.


There will be a total of 3 winners. First Place, Second Place, and Third Place

First Place:

• $250 in prize money

Second Place:

• $150 in prize money

*Money based on at least 6 bands