The Coliseum and the Corinth Symphony Orchestra is managed by the Corinth Area Arts Council, Inc. The council is a non-profit community service organization with the main goal of restoring and managing The Corinth Coliseum Civic Center as a civic and performing Arts center for Corinth and Alcorn County and surrounding communities.

The Corinth Area Arts Council first met in October 1980 and was organized under the auspices of the Arts and Cultural Committee of the Corinth-Alcorn Area Chamber of Commerce, now known as the Alliance.

The objectives for the organization included restoring and managing the Coliseum, helping to promote and coordinate the arts at the community level, to publish a monthly arts calendar and newsletter and to sponsor arts festivals whereby all groups could participate for a weekend of activities.

All of these goals and more have been met over the thirty year period of the Council’s existence – A downtown Arts Fair was sponsored for eight years, Children’s Fun Arts Camp offered for six years and educational performing arts programs for youth for twenty years, newsletters and calendars were compiled and mailed for more than twenty years when printing and postage became prohibitive, and, in more recent years, the Council has focused on building management and improvements along with occasional program sponsorships such as annual fundraiser performances.

Arts Council Board members are elected by the current board to serve three year terms. The Board meets quarterly at 5:15 p.m. on the second Tuesday of January, April, July and October. Meetings are generally completed in one hour. Projects are approved by the Board and usually carried out by committees. Members sign up for Committees of their choosing. Board members volunteer with minor building improvements; cleaning projects and run the concession stand for events; fund-raising, in addition to attending at least two business meetings annually.

Interested residents are invited to be considered for board service. Various talents are usually needed: legal, accounting, handy-man work, organizational and leadership skills, creative and program planning skills, interior design, architectural and preservation interest/skills, writing and publicity experience.

Please send name, address, e-mail, phone number, area of interest and bio to the following address: Corinth Area Arts Council, Inc., P. O. Box 723, Corinth, Ms., 38835. New members are elected by November and expected to attend a brief introductory meeting in early December. The Arts Council may have three to four openings each year.

All contributions to the council are tax deductible. Appropriate acknowledgment of contributions will be made. Memorial and honor gifts are accepted. Appropriate cards are sent to the recipients and donors. A record of these gifts is kept in a leather bound register in the Coliseum. Gifts are used for building improvements and repair projects.