The Corinth Area Arts Council, Inc. is a non-profit community service organization with the main goal of restoring and managing the Coliseum Civic Center as a Civic and Performing Arts Center for Corinth and Alcorn County and surrounding communities. The Corinth Area Arts Council first met in October 1980 and was organized under the auspices of the Arts and Cultural Committee of the Corinth-Alcorn Area Chamber of Commerce, now known as the Alliance. While the arts council focused on restoration of the historic venue, they set goals to realize a council that would provide for a hub for the arts in Corinth.

The Mission Statement of the Arts Council

To mobilize and stimulate the interest and participation of the citizens of Alcorn County and its environs on behalf of the arts, which includes visual graphic, vocal, musical, theatrical, and any others which enrich the cultural life of the area.  To raise funds for the maintenance and preservation of the historic Corinth Coliseum.  To foster cooperation and joint planning among agencies sharing with the CAAC in the realm of scheduling of events, publicity, public relations, and coordination of activities.  To cooperate with the Mississippi Arts Commission on projects as requested, channeling federal and state funds where they are most needed and taking part in long-range plans for the cultural betterment of Northeast Mississippi.  To work towards state recognition of arts in this geographical area and through the introduction and support of local arts events.


The Council has focused in recent years on building management and improvements along with occasional program sponsorships such as an annual fund-raiser performance by local artists and the duo piano concert, “Pas de Duo” with support from The Benjamin and Corinne Pierce Foundation in 2009. In 2020, the council hired Jason Patrick Hudson as the new General Manager. Since his hiring, CAAC has established full-time offices at the historic venue. The council now maintains a calendar of programming, educational workshops and camps, and other community events. The council focuses on building an arts economy in the area and works tirelessly to support artists making a living in the region. Additionally, the council provides programming opportunities for young artists working to build and learn in a craft. From festivals to movie screenings and dramatic performances. The Corinth Area Arts Council continually works to establish new funding opportunities for artists in the area.

The Corinth Area Arts Council Board of Directors

John Orman, Chairman

Wendy Shinault, Vice-chair

Barbara Trapp, Secretary

Greg Kiddy, Treasurer

Rosemary Williams, Executive Director Emeritus

Braddock Brawner

Melanie Brose

Dave Cornelius

Chad Dickerson

Marilyn Dodd

Kacie Hudson

Jed James

Nancy Palmer

Tracey Smith

Katy Stanley

Karen Timmons

Kim Williams

Brett Garrett

Michael Morton